Grey is the New Black

Over the last ten years, I have loved using earthy tones with splashes of bright colour in my interior spaces.  I’ve always loved the warmth they bring to a room.  My current living room is a dark chocolate brown with

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Metallic Accents Will Make Your Room Sparkle!

lamp, table lamp, bronze, elephant, elephants

Move over silver, pewter, and chrome and make way for warm metallics this season!  If you thought gold, copper, and bronze were “traditional” metals that made a room feel stuffy or old-fashioned, take a look at the photos below.  Warm

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In With the New: South Asian and African Influences

Indian, cushion, cushion cover, South Asian, blue

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, every year there are cultural trends.  A little while back it was Asian-inspired and in 2013 its South Asian and African influences in the home.  Being of South Asian descent, I can’t

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We Bought a House!!!

Hello all!!  I’ve been MIA since last year.  I found it was hard to “talk” about design living in my parents’ home.  While I took the time to help them with their decor as their interior designer, I was always

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Kitchen Remodeling Season

Originally posted on Inspired Design:
Photo via Houzz. Designed by Crisp Architects. Did you know that summer is the best time to schedule a kitchen remodel? I just recently ran across two excellent articles, covering everything from layout to lighting.…

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Patterns: Gaudy or Gorgeous?

On my second instalment on 2013 trends, I’ll be looking at patterns.  I personally love adding patterns to my spaces. I find they add depth, personality, and texture.  Adding wallpaper is a highly rewarding two person job. The trick, like

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To Be Trendy or Not to Be Trendy With Colour?

Trends can be a wonderful thing.  They push us to see and appreciate things from a different perspective. I’m sure this can be an interior designer‘s dream: to play with new concepts and make them their own.  But the truth

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