Patterns: Gaudy or Gorgeous?

On my second instalment on 2013 trends, I’ll be looking at patterns.  I personally love adding patterns to my spaces. I find they add depth, personality, and texture.  Adding wallpaper is a highly rewarding two person job. The trick, like anything else, is to find something that has longevity so you’ll love it for years to come.

Below are some of the trends in patterns for 2013.


1. Stripes and Chevron

Stripes have become fashionable over the last few years and it looks like they’re here to stay.  One reason for the popularity of stripes this season is due to the increase of men taking an interest in design.  Stripes are a fantastic way of accentuating the masculinity of a room. However, stripes are not just for making a room look sophisticated in a masculine way.  Colourful stripes can be used to create a whimsical and fun environment, whether it’s in a bedroom or kitchen.

The wrong way

The stripes in the hallway above are overwhelming. The colour is very bold and I never think peach is a good colour for stripes unless you’re pairing it with a contrasting colour, such as a bright blue, or using it in a child’s room. It makes the hallway look very dull. Plus, the entryways are arched (curved lines) while the stripes are straight lines. The types of lines used in a room must go with the existing architecture.


Striped ceilings can be a fun way to add “omph” and pizzaz to a room.  Beware of the ceiling looking like a circus tent, like the photo above.  It can take away from the serenity of a room.


The right way

In the room above, the painted stripes extend from the bed, creating the illusion of a headboard.  I love how the pattern continues on the ceiling.  The stripes are just a splash of pattern in an otherwise patternless room.  It really makes a bold statement.


This is such a fun way to do a chevron print or another graphic print. It’s bold and is a great focal point, especially since it frames a protruding wall with a fireplace. This is a fantastic way to incorporate patterns that can be changed easily as trends change. Having a neutral palate to work with also allows for this.


Get a chair or two with stripes. Try to stick with a chair with a couple of colours in it. This will allow you to change other pieces in the room or even the colour of the room without having to spend a great deal of money.  If not, pick a striped chair with one colour that you love. This will allow you to keep the chairs as a focal point and change other colours and add patterns in the rest of the room.


Chevron Cushion

SOURCE: Little Lost Soul
This has a fantastic tutorial on how to create your own chevron cushions.

Chevron or striped cushions are an economical way to change the look of a room by adding a trendy pattern.

Here’s a great site if you’d like to create your own chevron lampshade.


2. Florals

Florals are everywhere nowadays. You see them in fashionable clothing and they have made a comeback in home decor.  It’s not my cup of tea but if you enjoy the elegance of a traditional English room.

The wrong way

Can we say too much of a good thing?  There are too many floral patterns all over the rooms above. The walls, the furniture, the curtains, you name it – they’re riddled with floral designs. Like any other pattern, you need to choose specific parts of your room that will have positive space (e.g., patterns, artwork, etc.) and negative space (i.e., empty space). Too much of either one creates a lifeless room.

The right way

right - floral

SOURCE: Elle Decor

The only florals in this room are on the walls and on the table. The rest of the room has other subdued patterns (i.e, the rug) and solid colours (i.e., the curtains) but there is a definite balance of positive and negative space here.

Like the stripe and chevron patterns above (see 1.), florals can be incorporated in more subtle ways such as with cushions, lamp shades, chairs, throws, etc.

3. Geometric Prints

Geometric prints are all the rage right now. It’s fun to mix and match them as long as you pick a certain theme (e.g., contrasting colours, curved patterns, lines, etc.) so they can find the right balancing between “matching” and contrasting.

The wrong way

wrong - geometric-wallpapered-hallway

SOURCE: Rated People

Again, there is too much going on in the hallway. My issues with this hallway is very similar to the first photo in today’s blog (the striped hallway). It would have been better to use the wall paper on a wall as a focal point.

The right way

right - geometric

SOURCE: We Come One

Both geometric prints are busy but look great together because they have similarities that tie them together and keep them balanced. They both are black and white with straight lines in them. The solid white divides up the patterns.

right - geometric1

SOURCE: homedit

I love the bright green colour and print on these stools. They help give the kitchen a warm and earthy feel. They really stand out without taking away from the simplicity of the kitchen.  If they’re covers, it can be a cost-effective way to keep up with trends.

Putting It All Together: What does it all mean?

The BIG trend in 2013 is to find ways to use all of the patterns above in harmony.  The trick is to mix bold prints with demure ones. Pull out accent colours from those stronger prints and use them to guide your colour choices for the softer patterns.

Below are examples of how to combine geometric prints, stripes and florals to create bright and unique rooms.

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