We Bought a House!!!

Hello all!!  I’ve been MIA since last year.  I found it was hard to “talk” about design living in my parents’ home.  While I took the time to help them with their decor as their interior designer, I was always working with their budget and their style.  This left a lot to be desired on my part, and so my blogging stopped almost as soon as it began.

And then it happened:  my husband and I bought our own house!  EEEK!!!  I’ve been all smiles since it happened.  It’s been an exciting process but we still have a year before we move in.  So now my excitement and creative energy is really starting to build.  I’ve begun snipping photos from magazines, using Pinterest, and Houzz to begin my ever-growing collection of decor ideas and thought I’d begin sharing them with you.  

We bought a 1940 sq. ft. townhouse that’s attached to the other house by the garage and one bedroom.  It’s an end unit so we’re thrilled to have extra windows.  It’s a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with the laundry room upstairs.

In terms of basic colour options, we have chosen pewter oak floors on both floors as well as the staircase, grey carpeting in the bathroom, and grey striped or white tiles in the kitchen, wash/bathrooms, and laundry room areas.

As I plan, I’d like to share my ideas and inspirations with you.  As well, I’d love any feedback and suggestions, or DIY projects you’ve done.

Happy Designing!




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